Newsy Saturday

Saturday at the studio is new for me. For years I have taken Saturdays off but lately  I am working them, circulating between the women’s store and the studio. Saturdays downtown start with the market at Dayle’s Department Store. I got some great food and some vegetables, and some handmade soap. From there I sometimes stop at Manasseh Local foods for the Globe and Mail and a few groceries and then I head to work. For lunch I went to the Art of Eating Deli and had their breakfast sammie. So though I started working on Saturdays, I’d have to say they are pretty casual.

Today at the women’s store a woman said she was just heading out to Darthmouth to do some shopping but thought she would give us a try first. I appreciated tat so much that she took the time to come in and see what we had before she headed to the city. We were able to get her the outfit she needed and she looked beautiful in it. I know that it easy to just head out but I really appreciate it when people come in to see what we have here before they do.

Right now I am  about to sit and hook for an hour. I am filling in a field with teal sari silk and it is looking very nice if I do say so myself. Now on to the next houses in the village section of it.

Tonight we are having some people over for pizza so there was lots to do to get ready for that. I ordered  a dozen large pizzas so lets hope the crowd shows up. It will be casual to say the least, but there’ll be lots.

Be sure to check out Atlantic Books today. Laurie Glenn Norris wrote an article about my writing and my studio in this beautiful magazine. It is a free publication that you can pick up at all independent book sellers in Atlantic Canada.

The stone patio is all done and here are the promised pictures. Eric did a great job.






6 thoughts on “Newsy Saturday

  1. Your stone patio looks fabulous. Love the color of the stone. What a wonderful place that will be to entertain family and friends or have a cup of coffee! Can’t wait to see your new rug!!


  2. Was great to be able to visit the studio in person – and to finally to meet you today. So tempting to buy more but I have to get through the rugs I already have started……and the big one that will be my winter project 🙂 Congrats on the clothing store as well……really lovely and great selection!


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