Our Friend Joanna Close


Joanna has been a friend of the studio for many years.  She used to dye wool for Deanne when she was a student, and has taught many workshops at the studio such as natural dyeing, Indigo Dyeing, and Acid dyeing.  Joanna completed a Fine Arts Degree with a major in Textiles through NASCAD, and obtained her Master of Arts degree in Textile and Fibre Art at the Winchester School of Art in the UK.  Currently, she is a part time instructor at NASCAD in the Textiles department, as well being a working artist and illustrator.

I have been a fan of Joanna’s work since 2004ish when I met her at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto.  I bought a large woven landscape blanket from her at that show (still use it and love it!), and commissioned her to make me another piece.  I kept in touch with her off and on over the years – I remember running into her at another Outdoor Art show in Toronto.  Imagine my surprise when I moved to New Brunswick, and started working at Deanne’s Studio and realized that Joanna had worked with Deanne over the years.   Small world right?  Now I get to see Joanna a few times a year, she teaches workshops here sometimes, and we are often vending at the same craft shows.  Take some time to visit Joanna’s website to acquaint yourself with her work.  I’ve included a few images below of her rug hooking. I especially love to see her #rughooking posts on Instagram.  Here are the links to see more of Joanna Close:


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joanna close on Instagram