welcome to a new normal

This summer I took it pretty easy because I knew the fall was coming and there would be a lot of action both in my studio and with Thirty Church, The Women’s Store opening. I am glad I did make those day excursions this summer. I am glad I walked on the beach, read books and knit.

After two weeks of extreme busy “ness” : we opened a new store and with in a week I had to buy for the spring season. My own studio is always busy in September as well, I am on my first day of “normal”. I actually had time to drink my coffee this morning. I wore my jeans. I feel good. Yesterday I started missing my studio. I had not worked here for two weeks. That has never happened before.  Good to be reminded that things run without you.

Routine has been my mantra for years and it has been interesting to see it shaken up. I really liked it. It was good for me. Now as fall settles in I ‘ll work on creating some new routines but I think I will keep in mind that I do not need the same routine every day . Even as I write this I can hardly believe it. Me, a creature of habit, suddenly realizing that supper can be late, and a walk can happen later and it does not matter. There is such a thing as a new normal, and I can like that too.

Now with two businesses going there is no way I can be everywhere. Sometimes I am here, sometimes across the street. Well who knew I needed that. It makes me realize that things happen just as well with out me in the centre of it all, all the time. “My , My” she says to herself, ” things roll along quite good with out you. ” Isn’t that something we all need to know. How to step back. Who would ever guess that throwing myself in at full throttle and opening a new store would teach me that even if I cannot be two places at once, things can go really well.

We all like to feel important, it’s true. It is nice to be wanted but really we are all just passing through. Each of us has certain gifts that make us valuable, but not invaluable. It only feels like that. When we take a step back from things we make room for the gifts of others to emerge. We make space for new flowers to bloom. As much as I like a tangled garden, there is something undeniably lovely about a cultivated one too.

Shots from the last four weeks:








10 thoughts on “welcome to a new normal

  1. Deanne, the reason “things roll along quite good with out you” is because of all the hard work, commitment and passion you have already invested in your hooking and your studio in the past several years. Plus you have found a fabulous group of women who work with you and share the same passion for art and “creating beauty everyday”. The studio would not be the same without you, but you have earned a little more time to explore other interests. Enjoy the ride!!


  2. Love your words and pictures, Deanne, and great to get in to see you as we came through Amherst. Always inspiring. A treat to bring pieces of your store home to keep us warm and busy and full of color over the winter. I just kept staring at your rock photo…just lovely…neat you took that time and all that is in you as you go forward to embrace new fall beginnings.


  3. Love your blog…here is some inspiration from Winnie the Pooh… .”You are braver than you believe. Stronger than you seem. And smarter than you think.”


  4. “Valuable but not invaluable” – shimmered for me. Reminds me of the parable of the growing seed “while he’s asleep or awake, the seed sprouts and grows, but he does not understand how it happens.” The giving up of the need for control; the acknowledgement of that which is not you. Lovely, Deanne.


  5. You have given a lot of thought to this blog.I am so happy that you did take some time out of your busy schedule and smell the roses this summer. Being on the go all the time is away of life for some, a regular routine is part of who we are, one feels guilty when there is a change.Now you have tried it, and it worked. Good for you. Your shops are in good hands when you aren’t there, they all love you, that is why you are a success. Thirty Church looks very smart, maybe some day I will get back to Amherst.


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