Catherine Bussiere: Back

I am back from a trip to Québec (again)
my mom was giving me her old car (not that old)
I have been without wheels all summer (that was fine)
but the freedom of a car (even an old one that isn’t that old)
is thrilling

it’s an overcast day in Beckwith this morning
we started the day with some of the most amazing almond chocolate croissants I’ve ever had
I picked them up in Trois-Rivières just before I left yesterday in a traditional french bakery
One must love art and tradition
that bakery is the embodiment of that
I must let everyone know in Trois-Rivières
such places must thrive
it’s called “Les Gâteries D’Oli”
Look it up if you’re ever there

I went out for my Sunday morning photo shoot
it’s the end of summer with some things in full maturity and some fading already
I go around my property so often
sometimes I don’t see things anymore
it takes a little walking around to get into it and find a few images that I like
sometimes you must work harder to be content

my Charlie cat follows me around
I have two cats
Buster and Charlie
they couldn’t be more different
in appearance and in temperament
Charlie is the embodiment of the independent cat
yet, pretending he is not, he is following me around
we just happen to go in the same direction (says he)

it is drizzling now as I am typing away
there’s always a little melancholia that follows my return from Quebec
leaving family, culture, language, … new found best croissant ever…

I’ll make tomato sauce later today
time to harvest!

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10 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: Back

  1. Thank you for brightening my day! The pictures are so beautiful. We feel the beauty, and desires to paint or develop ideas for a colorful rug. The fall brings these feelings for me often….Merci !


  2. How I enjoy reading your blog, beautifully written. You are truly a professional . I llooked up Le Gateries D’Oli their food looks scrumptious, charming place. As for the photography , I want to frame every shot. Thank you .


  3. Beautiful photography, Catherine. Thank-you so much for sharing. Um-m….Almond Chocolate Croissants …. Now that’s my idea of starting a day! Thanks for your entry into Deanne’s blog today.


  4. Lovely pictures, charming kitty (I’m beguiled by their ways and love the fact that they never quite “give in” totally to you).


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