Stone Builder

Years ago I was at the Grand Pre Winery in Nova Scotia and I was blown away by the stone work around the restaurant there. It was shaded with vines and made you feel as if you might be far away.  This summer we had some stone work done at my place and now I feel like my yard is a far a way place also. I look out there and I can hardly believe it is my yard. So beautiful.

Eric Fresia, the husband of Catherine Bussiere, who blogs here on Sundays, did the work by hand.  Art comes in all kinds of forms. Eric is an artist, as both a musician and a stone mason, he transforms things like artists do. In the past weeks I have been as busy as I have ever been. I love it mind you. I leave the house in the morning and come back at five or six knackered but happy. While I am away Eric has ben working on this puzzle in my back yard. Stone by stone. When I got home last night at 9:30 from a clothing show, it was done. There it was all laid out, piece by piece, a path to my grape vine, the barn, and my woodshed , set up like a little patio. In my own back yard. I’ll send the completed pictures another time, for now you can see the work in progress below.

I think when ever we set out to build something it is important that we do it as beautifully as we can. Whether it be a simple pathway, a lowly woodshed, it does not matter. An artist’s eye cultivates beauty. It can be just as simple to make  things beautiful as it is to make things unsightly.

I am really happy with my little stone yard. I dare say, it’s like a little courtyard even. Tonight after work I am going to fire up the coal barbecue on that stone and cook a nice supper. It makes me happy that I was ab;e to work with another artist to create a bit of beauty back there. Every time I walk out the door , drive in my yard, or look out the window I think…”beautiful”.

Things might as well be lovely.





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  1. What a fabulous job Eric is doing. Also, what a wonderful hooked picture the setting would make.. Hey Deanne, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses Thirty Church must be a hit in Amherst..


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