Victoria’s Fab Couch gets a Hooked Pillow to Match

We are so blessed to have the skills to make things.  Think about how beautiful we can make our surroundings with our skillful hands.  Take for example this gorgeous pillow that Victoria Rudolph made last month.  

Using a variety of high end wool yarns, along with craft store brands, she was able to blend many yarns to create a pillow that matches perfectly with her peacock blue velvet couch.  I can only imagine what a classy lady Victoria is to have such a Fabulous Couch.

Victoria writes “Deanne, you have no idea how grateful I am to you for teaching me to expand my hooking materials as well as showing me how to get outside the primitive box.”

Thank you Victoria, for sharing your work, it’s totally fab.

If you have something beautiful you have made with your hands, please share it with me!  We would love to feature your story and work on this here blog.  Please write to Megan at






3 thoughts on “Victoria’s Fab Couch gets a Hooked Pillow to Match

  1. Beautifully done, Victoria. I love your hooked pillow . Thank-you, Deanne , for posting this on your blog for us all to see.


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