Playing Barbies

When I was fourteen I had to give up playing barbies, I did not want to. I just knew I had to because I was getting too old for it. I felt embarrassed that I was still playing. I used to make my own clothes for them. Mostly simple wrap dresses with belts. It was though I did not know it at the time a creative outlet for me. I loved it but I felt pressure to stop. What was a fourteen year old doing playing Barbies?

Today it occurred to me, on the second day of opening, Thirty Church, The Women’s Store across the street from my studio that I had found a way to play Barbies again, it just now that they come in all shapes and sizes.

Men know of course, that all women are beautiful. Women, themselves sometimes forget, that all of us, all our shapes and sizes are wondrous. Size six, or sixteen, it does not matter as long as you are healthy, happy and embrace yourself. We can spend far too much time wishing we had another body shape when in fact the one we have gets us up in the morning and carries us around all day. For that I am grateful. Grateful for every little, or big, bit of myself. I am not trying to make an excuse to eat a bag of kettle cooked chips . I am just trying to stay realistic about myself and be comfortable in my own skin. Watching women the last few days I see so much beauty in that, being comfortable with yourself.

In the last few days I have dressed so many lovely women in all shapes and sizes and I am reminded why I loved playing Barbies. It is so fun to see a woman go into the dressing room with items, then pop out all dressed up, looking good. Women can look so good in clothes. The right colour can brighten their eyes. The right style can turn her into dynamite. I saw it happen today in fact.

Clothes are just clothes of course, but I know that when a woman feels that she looks good, she feels good about herself. Sometimes it is just a simple necklace, or a scarf tossed over a shoulder, perhaps a bright pop of colour that brings an outfit to a new place.Sometimes it is the right cut that brings out the best of her shape. I am new at this and I am learning. I am learning that I love a new adventure, that I love seeing a woman take pride in herself and feel good about what she has on. I am learning that every shape has things that suit it. All women are beautiful. Those men are so smart. Wouldn’t they love to hear that? Don’t tell them. Let’s keep it to ourselves.

P.S. I drew a new rug on the frame today and I have my knitting at the Women’s Store. So no worries I am still at it. 








18 thoughts on “Playing Barbies

  1. Sounds fun Deanne. Keep enjoying!!
    Looking forward to the upcoming website since I can’t get out to Amherst in person.


  2. Deanne, you are so right! We are never to old to play or feel beautiful are we? Play and beauty have no age limits. They are a state of mind…which is wonderful!


  3. Here’s an idea! You know how you said you used to like to make wrap dresses for your Barbies? How about making some for the ladies? Women usually look pretty good in wraps. So easy to wear too. Funny, your name is similar to the one who designed them! Diane Von Fostenburg. Just what you need, right? Another project!


  4. I’d had my Barbies stored for years. My grandmother used to make the best clothes for them. I’ve kept them all these years. When I started to go through them again, I was amazed at how much work must have gone into them! The tiny adorable details. So much love & time went into making them. I decided to dress some of my dolls in the outfits once again. It was so much fun! It made me really happy for some reason. To dress them in cute outfits, & pretend they were talking, dancing & singing. It put me in a really silly mood. I decided it’s great play therapy for me!


  5. Love this! So true! I still love playing with Barbie Dolls sometimes too! Playing pretend. Just acting silly and using funny voices.


  6. I cannot wait to get into 30 CHURCH Deanne. I played with Barbies until I was 14 years old too and I agree…fashion allows adults to “play dress-up” and embrace their own unique style. I’ve had a few too many kettle chips myself this summer but I know I will be able to dress myself up prettily and step out in style. I have no doubt that your new boutique will play a part in that. All the best and I hope to see you soon. Xo


  7. Wish I lived up there, Deanne, I’d be your best customer. These days, as time and gravity influence my fashion choices, it’s hard to feel like Barbie when Raggedy Ann keeps showing up in the mirror.


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