Maritime Mary: Hello September

You’ve arrived so quickly,
The ninth month,
The month of routines,
The month that opens schools,
That ripens tomatoes,
Sweetens corn
And ladens trees with apples ripe for picking.
September, may you bring sunny days that draw us to the beach,
Warm breezes,
Cooler evenings when covers are pulled up
While windows remain open.
Sounds like we want it all, doesn’t it September?





One thought on “Maritime Mary: Hello September

  1. September always felt like the beginning of a new year to me, not January. After the hustle and bustle of Christmas, January feels so bland, dull and colourless. September on the other hand is sunny, warm and fresh. People are rejuvenated from the relaxing and daylight-filled months of summer. There is excitement and anticipation mixed with a little nervousness at the thought of starting or returning to school. There are new clothes and new school supplies, pencils sharpened and ready to go. Time to catch up with friends missed over the summer holidays and time to make new ones.
    The comfort of, as you said Mary, routine!


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