Thirty Church: The Women’s Store is opening soon

So if you are wondering what I have been up to I can fill you in here! Today I bought the flowers for outside….I have been busy trying to get everything read for the new women’s store across the street. I bought some cedar trees just like a city store. The inventory has come in and we plan to open next week. We are getting so so close.

I feel like a child with a new amazing toy.

Thirty Church : the Women’s Store  looks beautiful. You can like us on Facebook at :

We’ll have a website up in the next month or so we hope.

I did though sew some backing on the frame and finished a set of small rugs this week.  I knit four rows today but my ball of yarn is tangled. Do you think that a sign?

Harry the Printer is on his way down the street with an opening soon sign. My goodness I am so excited. I just had to tell you that I am thinking of you and that I am still hooking and knitting and creating beauty everyday.

I hope you are too.




5 thoughts on “Thirty Church: The Women’s Store is opening soon

  1. I’m going to be home in Nova Scotia the last week of September and planning a trip to Amherst. ….so happy Thirty Church will be open, and of course I’ll be visiting the studio. Hopefully I’ll finally be able to meet Deanne in person! 🙂


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