like a maker needs to make

Why do writers put pen to paper?

Why does a painter put a brush to a canvas?

Why does a baker mix flour with his hands?

Why does a rug hooker slice perfectly good wool into strips and hook them?

Why does a knitter buy hand dyed yarn at twenty bucks a skein to make a scarf?

We all know the answer.

It is because we must. We are compelled.

There is something in the hand work that we cannot find anywhere else.

It is soothing, a time to let go of cares, or a time to figure them out.

It just depends on the project of the moment.

Now I have two things, knitting and rug hooking.

Knitting is a past time and rug hooking is a passion.

The difference?

Well I knit when I gather with people or talk, or watch tv.

I make small simple functional things.

I don’t have to think a lot about the projects.

Rug Hooking is mostly more complicated for me than that.

I like to work quietly figuring out the colour and texture like a puzzle.

I usually have some idea I want to express.

I am more invested because I see it as art.

Knitting is creative but it is not how I express myself .

It is just how I make things.

Both  I find compelling.

Both draw me in.

Both I need to do.

Like a baker needs to bake,

like a painter needs to paint,

like a maker needs to make.

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8 thoughts on “like a maker needs to make

  1. Thanx for the words of wisdom. I’ll do it because I miss it so much. BTW, it is really great that YOU offer your comments as well as others.


  2. Deanne’s comments came at a very good time. Good to put those thoughts into words right now as I’m wondering if she/you have ever struggled with a “dry period” — one in which for some reason or another you have felt your usual urge to be creative but just can’t seem to “get it together” and start hooking or knitting again? Perhaps you just have to sort of force yourself to get started again?


  3. Lovely post Deanne. I always really wonder about people who have no compulsion to create, be it in the garden, kitchen, studio or a small corner of one’s own. I have D-I-L like that, she doesn’t read either and it drives me crazy. The up side is that her house is always clean-maybe that is creative, looking at my own house it is obvious I would not know!
    PS I like the happy and bright rug in progress you have pictured;


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