Catherine Bussiere: August 3rd

our field is getting cut today
on August 16th we are hosting a small festival and there is much to prep before hand
the field which becomes parking space and camping space must be mowed

I went for a walk
thinking critters by now must be done with nesting
I hope
beware critters the big mower is coming

I haven’t gone in the field in a while
a while could be as much as a day or two
or a week or so
this time of year it only takes a day
so much grows, transforms in a day

I was looking at the field wanting to embrace it all with my lens
I have been limited since I broke my embrace it all lens
limitation has it’s good side
you must do with what you got
so I looked at things closely
I always marvel when I do that
the simplest flower blows me away

DSC_0090 DSC_0097 DSC_0102 DSC_0103 DSC_0108 DSC_0112



6 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: August 3rd

  1. Hi Susan
    The white flower is Queen Anne’s lace but I don’t know what the pink one is. I like the little round flower buds on it.
    Thanks for your comment, I really enjoyed it. I was in BC a few times before, once in my early 20’s picking fruits. All the fruit trees that you have. So wonderful. I remember fondly being under an enormous walnut tree one afternoon picking the nuts that had fallen and eating them. It was and remains the only time I ever ate fresh walnuts. Indescribable.


  2. ..clover.., field grass.., sky n’ cloud.. and, do you know the name of the third plant?

    It is really (lovely) for me to see how similar our field is here – (in se bc).. our family home is a quite small (2.2) acres, but how I am pulled, daily to go visit the flora,, and the fauna,, that roams here, ..I visit by quietly standing or sitting.. and s-l-o-w things down,, and what I get to see, makes my heart soar
    .. robins had their babies, the wax wings had their babies, a lone coyote keeps coming back here as soon as the light fades,, /seems to come to hide in the tall grass? -for we have mole(s) galore unfortunately.. & i think that may be what he is hunting? Mr or Ms Bear is coming frequently.. tho’ I tried to talk him out of it from my bedroom window when he was eating in the cherry tree..
    .it seemed that worked for quite a many weeks but now apparently bear is back.. there is too much fruit here; apricots, transparent apples and now a round plum is almost ready to eat.. and then it will be the nut trees Catherine! isn’t it a beautiful conundrum,,
    xo Enjoy August!


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