geometrically Inspired Landscape by Tzigane Caddell

Tzigane Caddell came to Kaffe and Brandon’s workshops and brought along a rug she finished after attending a design workshop she did with me last fall. You c an see from the look on her face that she is really happy with the rug she created and she should be. It is beautiful. It is great to watch people blossom in their work. This geometrically inspired landscape is a natural progression from the geometrics that Tzigane has found herself attracted to for years. Her sense of colour is jewel like for this rug. I think she did a marvellous hob and I so appreciated her bringing it to show me.


18 thoughts on “geometrically Inspired Landscape by Tzigane Caddell

  1. I have the joy of hooking with Tzigane in our group -she has a wonderful sense of colour which carries into all her art – hooking, knitting, gardening….one talented Lady!


  2. I love this piece too. I have recently been inspired by textile artists and am working on something similar. Her colours are do great and you both deserve a hurrah!


  3. Indeed she should be happy. It is a stunning piece of work. As a teacher of the workshop you deserve a lot of credit too. This is a real winner.


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