Maritime Mary: Al Fresco Dining

Our summers here in the Maritimes are short, sometimes they are sudden. We rush outdoors, pack camping gear, head to the beach, all to capture the most of temperatures that allow sandalled feet and sleeveless shirts.

Restaurants prepare their patios well in advance of the warmer temps. They want to be ready for folks to enjoy the outdoors. Those decks were lonely and empty for some time but now they are filled with people enjoying their refreshments and meal out in the fresh air.

My family has always been a fan of dining outside. When growing up, all ten of us would have lunch and supper at a long table under an umbrella of giant maple trees. Dad always said that food tasted better when eaten outside. As a matter of fact, he said that everyday we would eat outdoors!

Once I had my own home and a deck, I found that we too were packing a tray and bringing our food outside. So on summer evenings, we not only enjoy food, but the sounds of waves when at the beach, the singing of the birds, leaves rushing. All that entertainment provided by nature makes you eat slower and sit longer.

So until the chills hit the evening air and cools food too quickly, it is al fresco dining for us. You see, my father was right, food does taste better when enjoyed outdoors.



3 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: Al Fresco Dining

  1. Well said. How delicious it looks also, Your Father was right Alfresco is the way to dine on a hot summers day.


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