Catherine Bussiere: Kaffe


my daughter and I had a delightful time at Kaffe Fasset’s presentation the other night
what a fantastic feat to be able to get such inspiration in our little town
the things I took home from Fasset’s presentation is that inspiration is everywhere
in your garden, in that old faded rug, at the flea market
it’s about having your eyes open
having an urge to create
to process what you see and put it into your own creation
it is for everyone
everyone who dares
it is not limited to the educated
it does not have to be thought out
it just is for whoever wants to embark and do
it may takes years
it may take a moment
it does not matter

the church was full on Friday evening
filled with people who makes art and craft
what a soothing sight
thanks Deanne and Megan and everyone at “this world class shop” to keep engaging people to create beauty everyday
thumbs up!

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5 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: Kaffe

  1. O my! How fortunate to interact with Kaffe Fasset! Gosh, I became mesmerized by his creative expressed work only in recent years.. I haphazardly make any time to delve into (my own) creative expression…it is quite completely gone by the wayside.. ,Regardless, I feel very true strong joy even with simply viewing art and craft; somehow i do not feel (like an outsider looking in), it remains very participatory. -Your photos- Catherine, effect me a great deal. They have so much presence. They display with so much power. ..It is very discernible when one views a photograph by You. xo


  2. Iy sounds like a great evening,,, what inspiration, ,,, your pics are inspiring , too,, thanks,,


  3. I feel a hole in my spirit for having missed this opportunity…even with all the time to plan, I couldn’t do it…so happy for everyone there! Thank you, Dianne, for everyone else…and for giving me the chance to be there, too…!


  4. The Friday lecture was as great as you say, Catherine. The Saturday workshop was also an amazing experience. I have learned so much about looking at things from both Kaffe and Brandon. Thank you Deanne and Megan.


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