Denny and her Ghandi Spinning Wheel

Denny is Megan’s Friend from Toronto.

This week she is here visiting Megan and comes to work with here each day.

You might say this week she is our studio cat.

She helps out. She does the dishes, talks to customers, helps them with their projects. She did the finishing on two of my latest knitting projects.

Thanks for that Denny.

She brings in projects to work on everyday. Yesterday she had this tiny spinning wheel invented by Ghandi that is portable and beautiful.

The day before she had a little hand quilting project with paper piecing.

Today here and Megan are off galavanting.

I wonder what she will bring tomorrow.

This is the second time Denny has spent a week with us. After Megan first started working here, she said, “I have an odd request. My friend is visiting from Toronto and I was wondering i I could bring her to work with me?”

I said, “Well that is an odd request, but we can try it.”

You see Denny used to work for Megan when Megan owned Lettuce Knits in Toronto so she is used to working in this kind of place.

Anyway I wanted to show you this amazing little spinning wheel that she was using yesterday.

IMG_3857 IMG_3851 IMG_3852 IMG_3853 IMG_3854 IMG_3855 IMG_3856 IMG_3857

4 thoughts on “Denny and her Ghandi Spinning Wheel

  1. Okay, that is so different from what I would recognize as a spinning wheel. How great to have another talented artist hanging out with you!


  2. i’ve seen this machine once before….quite a little beauty….i bet she loved being in your great inspirational space …..:)


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