Grandparents teaching hooking

Yesterday we had two young girls come learn how to hook. They were not exactly taught at their grandmothers knee but it was the next best thing. It was so nice to see them interested in learning a tradition and having their grandparents make sure that could happen.

I love the idea that many many years from now those gorls will be old women who learned how to hook rigs with their grandparents right here in my studio. It is like roding a bike, once you learn to hook rugs you always have that. Be sure to teach a little one and set them up with a little project.


3 thoughts on “Grandparents teaching hooking

  1. I did give a lesson to young girl about 12 a while back. I set her up with backing, wool strips, a hook, a marker, and a printed out copy from your site of how to hook ( I forget the exact name) helped her pick a simple motif. Haven’t seen the progress, but am hopeful a friend has kept her going.


  2. Been doing the same thing here! Our 7yr old grand daughter is here for 2 weeks. Decided she was old enough to learn. She’s hooking a little pug dog, and loving it!


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