Catherine Bussiere: passion

If you read my previous blogs you know that I spent some time with family in Quebec.

I’ve been back for I week now and I miss them all already.

During my stay I spent a lot of time with my nephew Eliot and my niece Léonie.

It was precious.

For them I made this short video. It’s about passion, creativity, beauty, nature. It’s a little dreamy thanks to the music by Chan Wai Fat.

The commentary, by Eliot, is in french.

Here is the translation:

“I make flies since I’m 6 or 7. It’s my dad that showed me. I like it a lot. Since then I make lots.”

“I like to know that this fly will go on the water, fish will see it. It’s fun when you catch a fish and it’s you that made the fly.”

“I like to fish because; you’re on the water, you see fish, you’re in nature, all of those things that brings you close to nature.”

“When I’m fishing… I feel like… with all my equipment, in the middle of the river… I feel good… I don’t know how to say it… I lose a bit the notion of time… I can stay there a long time… so much I like it… That’s it.”


7 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: passion

  1. I have to ask – does your niece, Léonie, have the Maplelea doll with the same name? My daughter does and enjoys her immensely! 🙂 Great story and inspiring video.


  2. Thank you, merci, for the commentary.

    These two kids were just like any other kids, attached to their tv or games on electronic devices, and bickering with one another over anything. Yet, once outside, in nature, the space alleviated all tension. They were so much happier and content.


  3. Ce que je trouve extraordinaire, en plus de la beauté et de la simplicité, c’est la communion avec la nature dont font montre ces enfants du XXIième siècle.


  4. Your video took me back to when my children were small and my son loved to fly fish. It was a magical time and your video captured those days of when all is possible and dreams are big.
    I loved those longs days of summer, hiking, reading books, catching fireflies. Thank you for a window into that world. Your family is precious and your nephew and niece are both dear and talented. Your video is one of the best I have seen. Your have such sensitivity and you have captured a beautiful moment in time, it is magical!


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