Manasseh Supper # 5 Warm Potato Salad

I have been trying to eat local and in season when I can. It really is not very hard. I really like the market around the corner from my studio. Tonight I picked up a sparling apple juice. After a hot day hooking rugs…well I was parched. I finished a small rug today, and a bit of a larger one.

I came home and mixed the cider with diet ginger ale and poured it over ice, threw in a couple of fresh strawberries and woo hoo I was having my own little party. I even poured it in one of those big wine glasses that take half a bottle.

I also picked up some Simply for Life Spinach and Goat cheese Sausages, which I pan fried. My trick is to pan fry them until almost done and the split them and fry them again with the split side facing down. It is really great because it is like having two sausages but only eating one and all sides are browned.
With that I made a warm potato salad…

6 medium potatoes chopped small and boiled
1 cup of green beans, more if you like.
I toss the green beans in with the potatoes, then drain them when cooked.
1/2 cup chopped green onion
1/2 cup chopped fresh herbs … I used dill , chives, parsley and oregano
1 clove garlic crushed
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tbsp cider vinegar
3 tbsp vinegar
Lots of pepper
Toss all together , serve warm with sausage and vegetables.




5 thoughts on “Manasseh Supper # 5 Warm Potato Salad

  1. Your food pictures are very nice, Deanne. Within our large family , it is not uncommon for an e-mail to arrive with food pictures attached . Maybe it is a new recipe tried or just an old “can’t go wrong, ages old ” recipe. We all get enjoyment of seeing what one or the other have prepared , maybe 2000 miles or more from the ol’ homestead here in St. John’s. I think you do wonderful things with your camera, Deanne. And congratulations on continuing to provide excellent reading and learning on your blog and elsewhere. Have a great Summer!


  2. Looks good , deanne,,, sounds like a perfect day,,,, hooking and ending with a wonderful meal,,,


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