Maritime Mary: Canada Day, July 1st

My parents chose Canada, immigrating just ten days after their wedding. Family members came to wave good-bye as they boarded their ship for the week long passage across the Atlantic.

My father had planned for many years to leave his home and to take the leap of faith that Canada would offer all that it promised. He was in search of land, land to farm, such a precious commodity in his homeland.

My parents story has a happy ending. They worked hard, did without, but successfully built a daily farm that exceeded even my father’s dreams. Canada was their land of opportunity, a country with lots of beautiful land.

On this Canada Day, and every time I watch our flag being raised and waved, and every time I listen to our national anthem, I am proud, proud to be a Canadian and grateful that my parents made their choice. For this allowed myself and my siblings and our children to be raised in this Canada we call home.






2 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: Canada Day, July 1st

  1. I really enjoyed your tribute to Canada, a fine country . My family also emigrated here in 1948 from England. We never looked back.


  2. A beautiful tribute to your country. It is a leap of faith to leave the known and travel to the unknown. It is interesting that my great grandparents traveled from Quebec Canada to North Dakota and homesteaded near the Canadian border. Having grown up there so near our Canadian neighbors, I’ve always felt a closeness with our Canadian neighbors.


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