lime mary


Mary works here on Tuesdays. This week she is gone off on a short vacation. A few weeks ago she was tearing up a pile of green wool with her brightly coloured shirt on and it struck me as beautiful.

Finding the beautiful in the everyday.

Knowing it when you see it.

I am thankful for people like Mary,

who though retired likes to keeps busy, and works with me.

She is another kind of beautiful.

Having good people around you,

that support you, but tell you the truth,

reminds you that people are good

and we are lucky to live in communities

where we can help each other recognize the good

in one another.

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One thought on “lime mary

  1. Lots of ideas come to mind with that lime green. Very nice. So is Mary’s top. Also, the rugs hung on the wall. I do so enjoy your blog , Deanne. Thank you for providing a delightful read when I have my morning coffee as well as in the late evenings.


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