Maritime Mary: The Tree

It’s a tree, maple I believe. Many of you who have travelled the highway between Halifax and Truro will know that tree. It is beautifully shaped but much like any other. We recognize it because it is not surrounded by other trees, instead it is solitary, it stands alone in a field.

My family has always noticed this tree, we look for it in every season as we drive by. We comment how in summer, the generous branches would provide beautiful and much needed shade to those working in the field. We wonder if those who cleared the land and left this one standing alone, had the same thought.

It’s just a tree, a lovely tree but it makes a signature, it marks a place along the highway on our drive home from the city. Perhaps you know this tree or one like it, somewhere along a road as you drive.





2 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: The Tree

  1. We have “That Tree,” here in Wisconsin, U.SA. Ours is an Oak tree.A photographer saw the tree standing majestic, all by its self,and took a photo of it every day for a year. A beautiful book was published titled, “That Tree,” as well as a documentary for our Public Broadcast Station. It is amazing! So wonderful for you to share such a beautiful sight/tree!


  2. I agree that when you see left in the field you wonder why someone left it there. Was it for shade during haying season or was it planted there in memory of someone. Its beautiful!


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