in case you are wondering what have I been up to…

seven trees

well there’s making rugs,






cooking a little,

being a mom,

visiting some,

eating out,

oh and being the birthday girl…that was fun

being forty nine

writing in my journal

drawing, but not enough,

planning a new book,

getting ready to proof a book newly written and due out in September,

shopping and nesting, fixing up my house a bit

smelling the roses, literally

looking closely at poppies,

searching for fireflies,

listening to the pileated wood pecker and the peepers and the waves

all in no particular order, all important.


9 thoughts on “in case you are wondering what have I been up to…

  1. Stunning rug Deanne! Hopefully it will be in the studio in August. I think I’ve convinced my family to spend our vacation driving out to Nova Scotia — and your studio will be on my list of “must do’s”. Slight possibility I might be able to take part in your Salty Swimmers workshop too!


  2. I often wonder how many millions of women would trade places with us in an instant just to do even one of the things on your glorious list! And we are so lucky to be able to do all of them!! Each one of the items on your list is so special…I love reading your blog, I feel inspired and happy and blessed each time I do.


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