14 thoughts on “Look with Lorna

  1. Happy belated birthday Deanne!! Best wishes for a year filled with happiness, love and cheer.
    Your birthday is the same as my husband’s. We celebrated his 50th with a surprise party. Lots of fun was had.

  2. Birthday greetings from Florida, Deanne. Favorite dessert and it looks better when made by loving friends.

  3. Happy Birthday, indeed! Hope you’ve had a wonderful day…I love birthdays…they are the only days that are yours alone…well, maybe someone else has the same birthday, but…in your little place in the world, it’s YOUR day!!! Enjoy it to the fullest…accept the happiness…you make others happy on their days…

    And you make all of us happy everyday with your site and insight…cheers! C

  4. Birthday greetings all the way from Newfoundland, Deanne. Your Strawberry Shortcake looks delicious, Brenda. Thanks for sharing , Lorna.

  5. Happy B-Day, Deanne! Strawberry shortcake was my favorite dessert when I was little. What a good friend you are, Brenda.

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