Maritime Mary: From My Front Porch

I grew up in the country with a veranda that faced a busy road. People beeped their horns and waved to us as my family sat most evenings after a busy summer day. Rain or shine, we spent lots of time on that veranda

When my husband and I began house hunting many years ago, I was fancying a veranda. Many older homes here in Amherst have front porches but I always considered them unattractive. Well, as fate would have it, I did not get that veranda, I got a front porch!

Within a week of moving here in May, just over thirty years ago, I fell in love with our porch. Completely surrounded by old single pane windows, it is bright and for about seven months of the year, a very comfortable space. It’s lovely, inviting, peaceful and private.

We read papers, books, enjoy a glass of wine, visit with friends and family. We love our front porch.






7 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: From My Front Porch

  1. Our front porch is the reason we bought this house,that,and the fact there is a yarn shop just a two minute walk away,lol!


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