what a week it’s been

Last week was so much fun, I missed it on the weekend. We had a wonderful workshop with seven people on working big. You can see Fiona and Paul leaving the workshop in their convertible.

Then we launched the Yarnstormer, our new mascot for the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival, along with our brochure for 2014. There was over forty people out at town hall for the launch and the website s just now getting revamped.

We also had a group of travel writers come, sponsored by the NS Dept of Tourism and it was lots of fun to teach some new people how to hook. I gave them the studio tour and Megan taught them. Lots of hooker jokes on twitter with their visit. People love hooker jokes so we might as well join them I guess.

And that bicycle I showed you…well I made it all the way up the big hill on Academy street with out stopping on Sunday. woo hoo! The weekend was filled with family and visiting and my bike. On Saturday I had to stop part way up the hill and walk the bike but Sunday was triumph!

This week we are working on a new online lesson on Hooking Water so keep your eye open for that.

So lets hope this week is just as delightful . It has started out nice with a visit from one of our Pattern of the Month Club members!


IMG_3621 IMG_3628 IMG_3631 IMG_3642

2 thoughts on “what a week it’s been

  1. Your blog today oozes with excitement ! Congrats on your accomplishment with bicycle, Deanne. I must say, Amherst appears to be quite the spot . Too bad , we have a large body of water separating us. Oh well, we shall join you in spirit. Have a fun week!


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