Maritime Mary: This Week

It has been a week, a week mired in raw emotions of fear, sadness, relief and pride with communities coming together in support of police, families and neighbours. That is what we are called to do, create beauty in the midst of all the ugliness. Flags are half mast, flowers accumulate in memory as tribute to the fallen and their families.

We are the human race, social beings who need people, who need community for support.

In another such note, on Saturday my husband and I helped out a bit at our town’s annual Relay for Life. It is the culmination of a year’s worth of fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society and about celebrating cancer survivors. A large committee and many sub-committees work year around to make this twelve hour event go off smoothly. The Relay is heartwarming, hopeful and a tearful time all wrapped in positive energy.

People supporting people in good times and in bad, that is what we are meant to do.





3 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: This Week

  1. Have just read Mary’s “This Week” posting, and wish to send my sympathy for whatever has happened…I’ve tried to look it up online…does it have to do with the train derailment? Nova Scotia is a special place for me since I’ve been in touch with Deanne’s studio and classes…I’m so sorry for any troubles you are experiencing…Carol Zimmerman


  2. I agree with you Mary. It has been a week of sadness for the whole country .How proud we should all be of our police. The Relay for Life is near and dear to my heart, having put teams in for nine years. Now my teen age granddaughters have taken over. They put teams in their High School Relay for Life last Friday. We all must be there to support those who need us.


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