Catherine Bussiere: light

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I was out first thing this morning
the sun just at the rim of the tree line
lighting up every piece of greenery
all covered with dew
the air still fresh from the cool night

beauty filled my eyes
urgency to capture the light

isn’t it interesting how we can marvel over and over
how many times
how many blossoms
it comes again and again
yet I marvel every single time

3 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: light

  1. You certainly captured light (Catherine). You made me smile inside, in the moment. ..I was searching ‘rug hooking’ due to sudden inspiration: ‘What can I begin to do?’, I thought, ‘to immerse self more, in observance/exploration of (Life)?’.. Came across your guest writer contribution. Thank you for sharing it; I loved seeing this very much. xo
    Oh! You only posted today! What a coincidence, to connect today…


  2. I just loved today’s post! It described so beautifully my morning and my wish for others to have the same experience to start their day! Oh, Spring,! So dear to all!

    Joan (Maine)


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