Maritime Mary: Harvesting Rhubarb

My friend Cindy has a huge rhubarb patch on her property and she and he husband share the bounty of their lovely seasonal produce. Earlier this spring my husband dug out a couple of their plants to add to our small patch in hopes that next spring we will have lots of our own.

Yesterday I filled my bike basket with beautiful red rhubarb stalks from Cindy’s garden. I chopped, bagged and froze the raw stalks, squirrelling them away for a cold winter day.

Meanwhile I got busy making a rhubarb and apple crisp and stewing some of the rhubarb. Stewed rhubarb is delicious served over some vanilla ice cream or a lime sherbet. I usually have it just as is with a touch of sugar or with some plain or vanilla yogurt.

For supper we enjoyed fiddleheads and rhubarb apple crisp. Hello June! How lovely!





5 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: Harvesting Rhubarb

  1. Don’t forget to chop some red rhubarb, toss it in a mason jar of gin to infuse for a dew weeks – makes a lovely summer cooler!


  2. When we purchased our house 20 years ago, it came with a 20 foot long row of rhubarb (!). I had never eaten rhubarb, so I promptly went looking for recipes. Rhubarb and orange marmalade. best jam ever for English muffins. Now I make over two dozen jars a year and give them away. (it’s a nice change from the overly sweet strawberry jam.)


  3. will try the lime sherbert.. bagged mine before i left home and dropped into your place today and was AMAZed at the new fabrics wools and techniques. Bought two lovely patterns…


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