Catherine Bussiere: day off

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I can easily keep busy all the time
just one little task after another
my mom who is visiting is shaking her head

so after being busy for days I finally took the day off to hang out with my mama
first I took her to church
I don’t usually go to church but decided to stay as two teens that I knew were having their confirmation today
the ceremony was quite moving
how beautiful to see these youth engaging in something as big as faith
to say yes to goodness in front of their congregation
I was glad to be there

then I took my mom to visit a friend of mine who is a potter
I did have to do a short interview for a project that I’m working on but only for a minute
My mom marveled at her pottery and bought a few pieces
that was lovely

We kept going up the shore to have a bite at Whirligigs, a wonderful restaurant that specialize in delicious breakfast
we had some smoked salmon Benedict
I think I like anything Benedict

by the time we were done it was time to go to an opening at the Tidnish art gallery
A young friend of mine was having her first opening
she is 15, has been home schooled all her life, you should see the art work
it is done through a computer program with math equation
it is beyond my understanding and the result is a series of beautiful abstract images
loved it

as we drove home along the coast we decided to stop at a beach in Northport and went for a little walk
the water on the edges was nice and warm
my mother sat on a rock to let her feet soak for a while

Sunday June first in the maritime
I couldn’t ask for more

4 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: day off

  1. Love the mug , Catherine! Enjoyed reading about your day off and time spent hanging out with your Mom. How lucky you are! And your photos …. as always…. are beautiful. Thank-you for sharing all this .


  2. lovely…a day off is a wonderful…especially if you can fill it as you have done…take joy…C


  3. What a delightful “Day Off”. Lucky you having a Mom to help spend it with. Sounds perfect beginning to the end. How I enjoyed the photography. Yummy smoked salmon benedict, must try that. I decided to take a Nordic Pole walk along the trail. What a surprise when the lady behind me turned out to be my brides maid, I was hers. 58years ago. We found a bench and had a good old chat.


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