Maritime Mary: Clotheslines

There’s nothing quite as inviting as climbing into a freshly made bed when the sheets have been line dried. No dryer or tumble sheets can replicate that smell.

Clotheslines play an important role in many households. Unfortunately some new building developments include covenants against them. Using the energy of the ever present wind here in Northern Nova Scotia, we fill the line a couple of times a week during the fine days.

While putting clothes out or while talking them off, we often chat with our neighbours who may be doing the same. At the cottage, similar things happen, simple conversations over the clothesline.

For many years I had a friend named Nonnie (she lived to be ninety-nine), live two cottages over. We enjoyed our daily after supper chats and I learned much from her. I had never considered the art of hanging out clothes until one day she remarked that so and so hung a ‘beautiful line’ of clothes. I asked what she meant by that and she explained how you must hang like articles together, largest to smallest, all colour coded etc.

I think that perhaps I have generally hung clothing out as Nonnie has described, I know that in reflecting back, my mother always did. But I hadn’t considered the beauty in such a routine chore. Now I am cognizant of this and I hear Nonnie’s voice in my head while pining clothes to a line.

And on the flip side, sometimes while noticing a clothesline, not so ‘beautifully’ done, I think to myself, “What would Nonnie say about this?”




4 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: Clotheslines

  1. Apple blossoms were falling my sheets all day, wouldn’t it be great if that wonderful scent could be captured! You are right about sleeping in line dried linens-heavenly.
    I love clotheslines and never use my dryer, even in bad weather.
    I hope you don’t mind but I pinned one of your photos to my ‘Laundry Love’ pinterest board!


  2. What beautifully hung laundry. Thanks to Nonnie’s lesson, you reallly do make it look creative and fun. The blog is a breath of fresh air, seeing the sheets blowing in the breeze. I shall make a point of checking clothes lines. Alas, I live in an apartment on the ninth floor, so I don’t have the chance to try this delightful method.


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