Catherine Bussiere: fruit salad and biscuits

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there are times when all is planned
we’ll do this and we’ll do that
and all is great

today was running nice and smooth
all moves going in the right direction
spirit high and happy
everything in place
ready to go

and then
as the train is about to roll
the phone rings
unsettling things
no alarm
nothing major
just enough
to break momentum
to put a dent
a hiccup

no matter
the food
the company
the enchantment is gone
and leaves room to accommodation

somehow it shouldn’t be a big affair
yet it is felt from the inside
and not much can be done about it
you must follow direction
and your whole body seems at odd

when it’s all said and done
there’s an empty feel left
the anticipation hasn’t been fulfilled
there is somewhat of a void

it only last so long
the day goes by
it will be a memory
it may not even make it

funny how things are

2 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: fruit salad and biscuits

  1. I certainly can relate to your words, Catherine, after what was supposed to be quiet, relaxing weekend, that ended up being far from that …….. because of a phone call !
    But all is well and I shall seek my quiet and relaxation another time. Your pictures are beautiful. Thank-you for sharing. Fruit salad and biscuits look so very yummy!


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