Kaffee Fasset is Coming;Get Your Hot Pink Ticket

Kaffe 2014: The Colourful World of Kaffe Fassett  on Vimeo.

He is coming to Amherst on July 18th…call the studio to get your Hot Pink Ticket for his talk at 4pm, Friday, July , 18th


4 thoughts on “Kaffee Fasset is Coming;Get Your Hot Pink Ticket

  1. I would give me eye teeth to be there but I am in California. Will you be videotaping and making it available online? Would be great to do. Thanks, Marolyn


  2. How I wish I could attend Kaffe Fassett’s appearance in Amherst. I absolutely adore him, his work, his colours. Fortunately I have his long playing tape, “Glorious Colours,” ” also his knitting book “Glorious knitting” July 18th I shall get them out and dream, In spirit I will be with you.


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