As good as it gets..



My favorite barn is this one. Why do I have a favorite barn? Who knows. I just do and it is this one on the marsh. A few nights ago I took a long walk out past the barn to meet the bay of fundy once again. It’s like an old boyfriend that you just love running into again and again. I love the colour of it’s skin, that moody grey brown mauve. That bay has reinvented blue so many times that I now know a dozen more shades of it.

Brown like  it is, like the water dug it up and turned it over and over and mixed it with blue.

Sky like grey turned to silver and highlighted with cream.

The wools I could use to describe you never measure up to the way I feel when I meet you again after a winter’s absence.

The lines I draw are just feeble compared to the strength I see in the waves that roll over your broad back.

Winter was long but you are back.

Fundy strong and wild.





4 thoughts on “As good as it gets..

  1. beautiful…I’m sure I’m one of many who want to hook that barn with all it’s beauty and simplicity…when I do, I’ll share…in the meantime the photo goes into the file with the red and white lighthouse on the rocky shore…C


  2. I just love the way you describe that barn and the Bay. Moments ago I emailed you the exact picture I took on my first visit to one of your workshops My friend and I walked for an hour along that same trail , oh so enjoyable. This blog brought back happy memories.


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