Maritime Mary : We Walk

My friend Margaret and I are walkers. Most days we are seen somewhere along our regular route. We have been motivating each other for over twenty years. We love to walk.

As we start, there is no discussion as to where we will go, our path is usually the same but the odd diversion is sometimes added. Some uphill, some downhill, some flat areas. We pass the same businesses, schools, homes. Our route is routine.

Our husbands always ask what we talk about and usually we say that we don’t remember, sometimes it is just chat, nothing important. We do laugh and say, ‘What is said on the walk, stays on the walk.’ Isn’t that a good cover for being forgetful?

Margaret usually comes to my house to meet me. After so many years, perhaps it’s not uncanny that I’ll open the door to discover that we are dressed alike. At one time, we both had identically coloured green jackets and we would wear them on the same day. If I decide on a grey t-shirt, chances are that Margaret will arrive in grey as well. When we both worked, we walked at night but now that we are daylight walkers, people notice and comment. We just laugh.

At times we are telepathic. We text each other at the same time or I reach to pick up the phone just as she calls.

We are each other’s walking habits. Through rain, snow, shine and even the freezing coldest days, we dress appropriately and we walk. Our mantra is ‘Just Keep Moving.’





4 thoughts on “Maritime Mary : We Walk

  1. And sometimes when Mary and Margaret are walking they stop at the neighbors and consult on what to do with the new growth in the garden – are those perennials or weeds? Thanks for your help today Mary. The garden was looking much more orderly by the time I finished.


  2. Love your story…..I just bought a FITBIT and I’m working towards my 10,000 steps! You are my morning MOTIVATION!


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