New Rugs on the Website


When my husband saw this rug he said, “Is it our backyard?” . It is the kind of rug that resonates with you, makes you think you have been there before. I just came back from that hike yesterday along the beaver trail and it seems like this rug  was that area too. There is something comforting about a field with spruce trees in the distance. I love how the dark green trees change to purple, plum, black and even blue at a distance.

We can never look at nature enough to really see it. It is always changing. Colours are always blending.

The sky is always casting new shades across the landscape.

We have a lot of land like this in Cumberland county. It is everyone’s back yard. Spruce, and Pine, and fields combed with gold. Touches of red from blueberry bushes. Purple casts on the sky reflecting that Fundy Shore I suppose.

Megan posted some new rugs for sale today on the gallery of the website . This is one of them but there are lots more if you have time to take a look.

3 thoughts on “New Rugs on the Website

  1. Hello Deanne – this comes quite late – you blogged about a dress that you bought at Gordon’s Ladies Wear about three years ago and having just moved the blog landed on my desk! I hope our Michael Tyler dress made you feel like you had somewhere to go and that you looked amazing doing it!!



  2. Beautiful Deanne. I also like your tea and roses rugs — fun, quirky (in a good way) and colourful!

    Today, I took a long walk through the less travelled trails in High Park in Toronto (it finally really felt like spring +20C) and spent time looking at all the new growth. The buds are just starting to open on some of the Japanese cherry trees and some of them should be in bloom by the long weekend. It is such a magnificent show when the whole grove is in bloom! And it is all too fleeting. The weeping willows by the pond will soon be full of catkins (flowers) too. The birds were a chorus of song. It was so rejuvenating. Spring at it’s best.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s. Have a wonderful day!


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