Maritime Mary: What Lies Hidden

This is my daughter’s first spring in her new home. When she moved in during the late fall, the trees, shrubbery and perennials were spent. We raked leaves and guessed about what species of trees and plants lived rooted in the ground.

Last week while Susanne and I were poking through the earth looking for new growth, assessing some overgrowth and considering the future of some of the trees to make more room, a neighbour appeared. She told us about a previous owner and her love of planting and gardening. We asked about the shrubs and trees and to our great surprise, one of the trees we had planned on reducing is a magnolia tree. It produces beautiful blooms lavishly. So plain during the dormancy months, it had us fooled. That magnolia tree is staying, now we’re excited to watch it change.

Like the shoots peeking through the earth, there is hidden beauty everywhere preparing to unfold. Now we must wait, wait, wait and watch and be patient as Mother Earth slowly unveils her offerings to us.

I love spring, it’s my favourite season. But I guess you knew that.





3 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: What Lies Hidden

  1. What glorious pictures, a riot of colour you have captured in those roots sprouting through the earth. How exciting watching them grow.


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