How much Amherst can change in a year…

Downtown Amherst is changing place. Today I left Breakfast at Brittainy’s our town’s new breakfast restaurant after having coffee with a bunch of women’s friends. I then picked up a flower for Heather Shatford, the harpist who played at the Roger Bacon Dinner  at the Curlling club. Donna, the florist,   has just celebrated being a year in business in the downtown. I then stopped at Manasseh and picked up some Dragon’s Breath Blue cheese to go with local beef steak that I plan to cook for summer. I then dropped into Damaris for a a Express Manicure ( twenty minute mani for $20) . Well that was my downtown today. Pretty nice I would say.

It is amazing how much a downtown can change in a few years. I love having access to interesting groceries at Elizabeth’s new store. When I was picking up the flower for the harpist I bought myself a succulent for my desk…now that I have my own office.  Picking up the blue cheese I stopped and chatted with friends who were lunching at the Art of Eating Deli. I have to say the feeling in and about the downtown  has really changed. People are more interested in it. They have come to value it more and it is lovely to see.

I find it so great to be able to walk from place to place and get what I need. Yesterday I need a quilt mat and rotary cutter and Beth at Mrs. Pugsley’s Emporium had one waiting for me. I use it to cut up that sexy jersey…woo hop. Everything I need.

I needed some decor for our Thirty Church, The Women’s Store. Between McCully Market and Dayles Department Store I was all set for the basics.

Together these businesses make up my community. It is so great to have them, use them, and enjoy them.

I love the changes. Keep on Keepin On Amherst!




5 thoughts on “How much Amherst can change in a year…

  1. It sounds like a lovely place to live. I went to high school there. You make me wish I could move back.
    Is that a mug by Sarah Branch?


  2. It sounds lovely,,,, look forward to visiting in june and shoppimg in your store and town,,,, hope there is some sexy jersey left, ,, it seems to be popular,,, take care,


  3. Nice to know we can get Dragon’s Breath cheese in Amherst–my daughter usually brings it up for us from the market in Halifax! Also, nice to hear about the town centre becoming revitalized…Sackville is trying very hard to do so, of luck to both towns!

    One more note–saw you out on your bike yesterday in Amherst–waited for you to cross the street at the corner of Princess and ?(Havelock, maybe?) you looked very comfortable with your ride!


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