Beverly…welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

Beverly Mulcahey has hooked a lot of my patterns.

She has been visiting my studio since my kids were little. They remember she sent them those oversized sunglasses when they were little.

She hooks. She knits. See her sweater she has on…she knit that.

She knits to relax so it’s easy she says.

She is joyful and fun. She teaches nearly forty students in her hometown of Paxton, Mass.

I see her every year and every year she has a story or three or four.

She is always excited to come here.

She is a good friend of the place so she understood when we started moving furniture while she was here.

She knows what we are like.

She hooks beautiful rugs.

She is Beverly… and we are glad she comes and teaches and inspires others.

IMG_3429 IMG_3430 IMG_3431 IMG_3432 IMG_3428

10 thoughts on “Beverly…welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

  1. Aww Beverley, brings tears to my eyes to see her face. I miss her spirit and wonderful stories and color and design talent. She looks so happy to be there. Beverley and Deanne just go together as friends and co-conspirators. They both have a joyous sense of life and beauty. They’ve been two of the most important people in my life. In fact, I’m sure I would not have the rich and robust fiber life I have now if it weren’t for them. Their inspiration continues for me, year after year. I’ll always be hugely grateful to them.


  2. Deanne, you are so right Beverly is fabulous. I had the pleasure of meeting her at out Little Rhody Thrummers meeting when she presented rug finishing. Beverly, the “harbor” rug looks terrific! Thank you for sharing!


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