Maritime Mary: Junk Week

Spring has arrived and albeit cool, we here in Cumberland County wait for green grass and tree buds. And something else is occurring. It’s not pretty but it serves a real purpose. It’s what we, in my home call Junk Week.

Our town, like many others, has designated weeks to set various unwanted items curb side. Some people put ‘stuff’ out early and so the perusing begins. People drive slowly through neighbourhoods with pick-ups, browsing and ready to relieve some of those piles.

In my home, we enjoy this time. Not only do we clear items out of the garage, we also, from the vantage point of our porch, enjoy watching the picking.

I am not an innocent as I’ve been known to see a purpose in someone else’s unwanted goods. My reinvention makes me quite proud.

What is leftover, when the garbage truck arrives, is then the garbage. This system, I believe, is recycling at its finest, a rite of spring!



2 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: Junk Week

  1. I know what you mean about finding treasures in the junk pile. My son accidentally broke the lid of the toilet tank whilst balancing it on his toe. You see he was trying to fix a problem with the toilet. Fortunately, I saw a toilet set thrown out on a nerighbours lawn for pick up. I knocked on the door and asked if I could take the lid, explaining what had happened to mine. It was a perfect fit, in good condition.. The plumber was having a hard time trying to replace the broken one. When Voila there it was on the junk pile.


  2. Aha…! Great idea! Our problem is that we live way off the beaten track…ten neighbors going past every day isn’t worth the trouble…so we had a fund-raising day for our kids who are going on a mission trip this summer…they came here and cleaned out the shed, the garage, and worked hard all day, inside and out…we paid them…win/win situation…today we take the loaded pickup to a garage sale site, the recycle site, our local charity, and the dump…we’ll unload accordingly and everybody wins! Spring is definitely in the air!


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