What happened to the tea kitchen….

Theresa made her own tea today! and it was easy for her…..

Lorna is getting her own office, you see. She’ll be across the street at Thirty Church The Women’s Store.

I got a new bicycle..what does that have to do with anything?

Well see I wanted to be able to leave my bike at the studio but there was no room in my office because I shared it as the studio tea kitchen. The tea kitchen was hidden away a bit and if you wanted to make your own tea customers sometimes felt it was a bit awkward to come into my little space.

I was a little jealous of Lorna getting her own office with room for her bike.

See where this is going?

So we have been saying for months it might be nice to have the tea kitchen in our knitting room as we have a sink out there too. Last week Lorna, Brenda and I changed things around. Now I can fit my bike and my rug frame in my office. Yippee!

The tea kitchen is wide open in the knitting room. When you come you’ll feel comfortable storming the kettle on your own and making a drop of tea for yourself, just like Theresa did today. So come on over….we got the little drawers stocked with all kinds of herbals, and of course there is red rose or king kole.

Coffee too…french press is easy. Cream is in the fridge, help yourself.

The oatcakes are still on the table in the front of the studio. We want to give you incentive to wander around.

I have my very own office , first time ever.

I’m a big girl now.

Can’t let that Lorna out do me.




if we are busy you can help yourself, in fact we encourage you to


There’s Theresa with her cuppa


Lorna says…”You can’t out do me missy”


 my frame and my bicycle …welcome home Deanne they say






11 thoughts on “What happened to the tea kitchen….

  1. Great changes. Looking forward to seeing your clothing store too next time I’m in Amherst. Your office is much more inspiring than mine. Although your colourful calendar graces my board above my desk. I escape to it when I’m having a difficult day. You have no idea how many times I read the notes that accompany the pictures — they give my mind a break.


  2. Deanne, every time I visit your blog and see pictures of your studio, I think ” Deanne should do a picture book of all the beautiful rugs , studio , wools , etc. , etc.” . More or less a Coffee Table book. Recently my husband gave me a beautiful book called COLOUR DECONSTRUCTED by Designer’s Guild, Quadrille Publishing Ltd. I really love it and when I’m deep into it, I think of the beautiful colours you have in your rugs and wish there was a chapter just about hooked rugs. Congratulations on your office! Ah-h-h to have your very own office …. how wonderful is that!


  3. One will be able to find just about everything they want at your corner in Amherst..You really do deserve a little office of your own girl.Imagine being able to wave across the street to Lorna.Oat cake in one hand Red Rose tea in the other.any time of the day Then at a moments notice, bike helmet on ready to tear around the streets of town.on your red hot bike.


  4. So that means that if I ever live my dream (i.e., visiting Amherst), Deanne will be across the street…that will surely get us all to visit the new store! Hope you have plus-sized clothing tucked away…some of us hookers don’t look like the hooking shop staff!!! Good for everyone…it’s a wonderful thing when everything falls into place!


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