Monkey pants and other news

So it has been a few days since I had anything to say here. I love the contributions of Lorna, Mary, Catherine, and Diane . It has helped keep the blog healthy with new voices. Thanks everyone for lending your voice, including the commenters!

Last night was knit night and I just had to show you Denise’s new pants. They are monkey pants. We have been watching her progress for weeks. As for me I am trying a few rugs using only sexy jersey. It is 90% wool, 10% nylon and the stretch is lovely work with. I am thinking of coming up with a few kits for it. as we have so many lovely colours. I have two finished. The walls in my studio are full of new rugs. We are getting crowded!

We are well under way at Thirty Church: The Women’s Store across the street. It is exciting to think that we will be open in August. It looks really pretty and elegant, feminine and strong at the same time. It has been a lovely experience t pull it all together. All the clothing has been ordered and the shoes too. It is exciting. We are working on signage and logos now.

I keep my bicycle here at the studio and have been riding it everyday almost. I am no road warrior , mostly I ride to the quiet streets and tour around. I am always on the look out for flat spaces as hills are hard in a five speed.  So far the only thing I put in my basket is my lock. I did ride one day in my dress though. And yes… I am wearing my helmut.

We dyed long underwear and hung them in the window as a tribute to Ann Hallett of Coldwater , Ontario. It made me give her a call over the weekend and catch up. It was so good to hear her voice. The long underwear in our window have little signs on them so people have been stopping to read. We’ll leave this window up for a while as people are interested in it. It just occurred to me it would be fun to dye some bras and hang them. Anyone know where we can get some woollen bras?

Ideas flow in and out of our heads at the studio like nobody’s business. That is because there is lots of interaction here. We have people bringing in their projects and ideas that inspire us but the staff themselves are all makers. They knit, hook, felt, sew and experiment with fibre. It is the experimenting that leads to ideas. We are so lucky to work here.

Wild with Wool the Facebook group is busy and there are now over 650 members and we started only a month ago. Please join us by requesting to join here. There are posts everyday of people’s rugs and new ideas. It is a nice group. At the studio we all keep outré eyes posted on it everyday because we enjoy it.




Denise is so please with her new pants….I hope she does not try to wear them!


Sexy jersey i the making



Oh so sweeeeet


so many colours, I can’t stop hooking with it


8 thoughts on “Monkey pants and other news

  1. Deanne, I really want a pattern called Five Horses by Ann Hallett …. I can’t get any response from RH+F …. do you know of any one else that carries Ann’s patterns? Thank you kindly. holly


  2. Gotta get me some jersy that is sexy
    Wonderful colors, and sounds so “flexy”
    Love to hook, puts a smile on my face
    Must order now from Deanne Fitzpatricks place!!


  3. Love your blog – not a hooker but can appreciate the wonderful, colorful and exciting things. Might become a hooker one day – it looks like a great art! Looking forward to the new store – can’t wait!


  4. Deanne,
    I received my shipment of sexy jersey last week. I love the colours and the feel of it. It is so soft!! I can’t wait to hook with it. Once I complete the rug I’m working on now, I plan to make a big pillow for my bed with the jersey.


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