the rugs of our lives


Sometimes when I look back over things I have made I can hardly believe my hands were involved with it. Do you ever experience that?

These rugs were some of my first attempts at Abstract and modern design. They have all been sold except for my Chasing Klimt, the first picture you see here.

I like to review my work, whether it’s rugs , or just the growth of the studio. It makes you feel like you have been somewhere and that there are places left to go.  Review is important, whether it is your sketch books, your scrapbooks, old pictures.

Our rugs sort of review our lives the way a photo album might. Instead of remembering what you were wearing you are more likely to remember how you were feeling, or what stage you were at. When you look at the design you can remember the place you were in when you were making it. You can see it by the design and colour that you used.

In these rugs I can remember the trepidation I felt venturing away from the pictorials towards more abstract design. I wondered if I was heading in the right direction. I wondered if they would ever sell, thinking…maybe not but that is no reason not to make them.

We need to look back  and see where we have been to appreciate where we are.

Sometimes I forget that I started my rug hooking studio in a trunk with a two thousand dollar loan from my mother. That’s the truth.

Sometimes I forget that my first rugs were as simple as they were.

Sometimes I forget that twenty two years is a long time.

Sometimes I need to just go back over things just so I can remember.


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3 thoughts on “the rugs of our lives

  1. Note to Heather:…thank you for sharing your words with all of us…and your blog, Deanne, is such food for thought…as always…thank you both…


  2. Deanne, when I was so fortunate to be your neighbour and to have free time during the day to share a cup of tea with you in your studio, I had the unique perspective of seeing the seasons of your work change and evolve. I remember the time when sunflowers inspired you and became your theme for a time. Likewise, with the colours of fields and landscapes whether it be in spring, summer, winter or fall. Or when you were commissioned to do a rug in memory of Sophie and you worked Snowdrops into the forefront of the rug because of the meaning they held. Or when you explored peacefulness and meditation and created some beautiful pieces celebrating women’s strength. I love knowing that work you do comes from you in such an authentic way and even more, that it evolves and grows as you do. Oh ha! Remember how you used to do all of your dying in your home washer?! I confess I wondered if Robert’s underwear turned wild colours of pink and turquoise?! Twenty years is a long time and what a wonderful thing to have both albums full of photographs and full of your beautiful rugs. Cheers and xo!


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