Maritime Mary: Beach Visit

During the summer the beach is inviting, friendly, warm, while in winter, it is cold, harsh and lonely. In the autumn it is peaceful and reminiscent, but in spring, while cool, it speaks to me of the anticipation of warm waters and lovely sandbars. Well, usually the latter is the case.

On Sunday my husband and I drove to the cottage, or as they say around here, to the shore. We were more than surprised at the abundance of snow that greeted us. Trees had splintered branches and random shingles were seen on top of the snow. The latest ‘nor easter’ had not been kind. But we are grateful for all that snow and ice that lined the coast, as it, no doubt played a huge part in the prevention of further erosion of the banks. Who knew that snow and ice in April would be a good thing?

I think (and hope) that on our next cottage visit, we’ll be able to actually get inside, sit on the deck and perhaps walk the beach. I’ll close my eyes and dream about the warm salty breezes that await us.





3 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: Beach Visit

  1. Enjoyed your entry, Maritime Mary. Thank-you.
    We are presently watching all our snow melt …. it is so beautiful , but shall be short lived so the weatherman tells us, as we prepare for 15 – 30 cms snow this weekend. Here’s hoping he is wrong.
    Your pictures remind me a little of Newfoundland. Hoping you soon get to enjoy your cottage.


  2. Thanks for sharing your “shore”.
    Despite the weather – it took me to a place I needed to be today 🙂


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