10 thoughts on “Outtakes from Bridget the Bombshell and the Sexy Jersey Story

  1. I can vouch for those sensational Birdhouses Don makes. They are glorious, no two alike. I saw them whilst touring his house. He really is an artist, and has many talents.

  2. All of us need at least one friend like Don! Just hysterical. Fell in love with his humor when he played Deanne’s mom-in-law in a youtube video. ROFL

  3. Deanne makes Rugs…I make birdhouses…but together we make fun.
    I’ll tell you one thing…that sexy Jersey can stretch! xoxox

  4. That was too funny!
    Looking forward to my package of sexy jersey to arrive Deanne! Can’t promise the same response though!
    My husband asked me what I ordered from your studio. I told him “sexy jersey”. His response — “Hugh? Forget it, I don’t want to know!”

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