Five Minute Studio Tour with Deanne

Katie Allman from Ohio has asked that we post a video with a welcome to the studio for her group that is coming for a workshop next fall.

Welcome to the Studio…..A  Five Minute Video Tour

So come join us for a workshop… see them here…Workshops 2014




12 thoughts on “Five Minute Studio Tour with Deanne

  1. Your message was played for our group today by Katie Allman. Thank you so much! Everyone loved it! Katie Allman did a great job giving us a look at how beautiful the area was and your wonderful way of hooking with all types of different fibers. You would have been very pleased. She even had some of your Sexy Jersey on hand so we could see first hand how hook it into a piece.


  2. This blog just wets your appetite,it is wonderful. Going there in person will blow your mind away A rug hookers Paradise.


  3. I think I’m just going to have to order some of the “sexy jersey”. The colours are beautiful. Will you mix and match the colours – say one of each colour group in a bundle?

    Wish I was able to come for a workshop again this year. Our group from last June talked of a 2 year reunion. I’m counting on that for next June!! So June 2013 abstract workshop ladies, if any of you read this, start saving you nickels (can’t save pennies anymore) and let’s start planning!


  4. What a beautiful glance into your world Deanne. Just as warm and inviting as you are in person! Well done….you ROCK. 🙂


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