Bicycle in the window.

I bought myself a bike to replace curling in the summer. I never drove a bike as an adult but I figure now is as good a time to try something new as ever. I am scared of going down hills so I have been picturing myself doing it even as I sit here in the snow storm.
I am forty eight and I bought a new bicycle from the new bike shop in town. I like the sound of that. I also bought a rack so I can carry it places. Now I just sit and picture myself cycling around town because today there is a Northeaster blowing through.



11 thoughts on “Bicycle in the window.

  1. Your new bike is wonderful Deanne. The colour is you!!
    Biking is so much fun. After having my favourite bike stolen 2 years ago from where I work I purchased a new one last year — a silver women’s upright Trek bike. I’ve always had a men’s bike with the cross bar since I can remember. I love not having to crank my let up and over the seat. And now I can ride in a skirt if I really wanted to! Enjoy (when the weather finally cooperates).
    Did you get a helmet to match? (Sorry, the trauma nurse always comes out in me when I see people on their bikes with no helmet — seen too much.)


  2. I started biking again last year at 60, although I don’t feel 60. My husband has become a fanatic. I won’t be one of those but I do enjoy it, as terrifying as it can be. Just start slow, stay off the busy roads, wear a helmet. We only bike on the trail which has it’s own challenge…And…get a good seat as they make all the difference despite our natural” padding”! Have fun!


  3. I hope the storm was not too bad. We were fortunate to have it miss Connecticut, but the winds were way too strong for a bike ride today. Happy biking, maybe spring will be here soon.


  4. I feel a rug coming Deanne – you whipping down the streets of Amherst with the wind in your hair! It reminds me of my old bike -which I still have but alas the only action it sees is when I plant flowers in the basket.


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