Susan Myles, the p bone, and finding your own voice….


About a year ago Susan Myles got a big red horn. It is called, P-Bone, a plastic trombone. It is bright red and it speaks loudly. I walked into her office, she worked managing her husband’s chiropractic office, and she excited pulled it out and played it. Well, it was interesting.  We both started laughing hard. Buckling over. She has been musical all her life  and bought it as a treat for herself and taught herself how to play again after putting down the trombone in high school.

Only a year later and now she plays quite differently.  We interviewed Susan a few weeks ago for our radio show, At the Kitchen Table. It was really fun to interview her because she is so expressive. You can see it in these pictures, the playful looks on her face. She brought along her horn…

Susan played for us after the interview was over and she sparkled cause she loves it. Over the last few years she has really grown in her comfort level about performing. For years she felt she had lost her voice, but over the last few years she has worked hard at finding it again and you can see her at all kinds of local charity events performing with her husband. They are good to the community.She has made music more than her passion, she is also making it her profession.  She now has a big group of students to whom she teaches voice lessons.

It is exciting to be in a community and watch people bloom. As we age we grow and change and our desires and needs evolve. The thing I liked about interviewing Susan was that though she was really trying to find her voice again in a literal way, it is a metaphor for all of us. We all lose our voice now and again. We all have passions and interest that get displaced and it takes some effort to regain them.

I think in a small town it is really easy to feel judged when you start to change. We all have expectations of each other to be the same person we knew, interested in the same things. It can be hard to reinvent yourself without feeling a little judgement. To be honest I have often been surprised at the changes some people make and wonder why on earth? It is human nature to wonder. Even some might say human nature to judge. The other day I was reading a book  and one character said to another, “Remember, observe, don’t judge.”  I loved that statement. If you are just observing then to you are not evaluating, just watching to see how the flower opens.

I have enjoyed watching Susan in the last year. She took back her voice and she is is a good example to all of us that it okay to flash your big red horn, enjoy your life, have fun, and follow your passions.


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  1. I always thought susan was a lovly person and still is she has a lovly voice someday I hope to hear her play her red p phone.


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