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My latest rug Beach Path $1800 32 by 54″

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For me March has been immersed in turquoise . While other people were off for their week south at the beach I was here hooking the beach, imagining Amherst shore and star fish, and I loved what happened. I have never been south. Never even really dreamed of going. Winter never bugs me til March and only then if it stays cold and snowy. I never realized it while I was hooking this rug but I think it was an attempt to go south in my own mind.

This month we bought for our new women’s wear store that is opening in the Fall of 2013. It will be clothing and shoes and will be directly across the street from my studio. It is a very creative process developing and opening a new business. Creativity enters every part of our life and enriches it. Just this week I have gotten excited about the new store. Now I can imagine all the beautiful clothes and dressing women in their own style, and helping them find it. It is a lot like what I do with rug hooking and the Wild with Style course I teach. Style, like creativity enters all areas of our life. Yesterday I bought several books on dressing and style so I am hunkering down for some learning. We got a name it is Thirty Church….The Women’s Store…Clothing, Style and Substance. I want it to be a place where a woman can feel good about dressing, can express herself, and like here, can enjoy a drop of tea while she does. It will be a comfortable place.

My new book on Rug Hooking, Simply Modern is in the final stages. The photography has been done by Nimbus so all my new rugs are missing from the studio.I am looking forward to getting them back and  lightening the place up here again. They add a lot of life to the place , a creative energy that I miss now that they are gone. I still have to work out which photo goes where in the book and that will take some time.

Megan has started putting together the snowy owl and the brown owl kits for you. When I sent out the newsletter we had a lot of interest in these as kits so they are now available.  You’ll see the link below.

My creative routine has changed for practical reasons, my daughter got her license. This has meant she often takes a car so instead of working home in the mornings on my rugs I have to catch a ride to town and work here at the studio. I make my rugs in the afternoon now and sometimes into the evening. It is interesting how the logistics of life, the practical things can impede on the way you have done things for years, and that you end up just reframing the way you do things. To be honest , it has been good for me. For years I woke up, walked, made tea and pranced up to the studio . I really am a prancer. If it was not for sharing a car I would still be working the same routine but the truth is shaking it up a bit has been good for me. It makes you look at things differently and really appreciate the time in the studio. I am about to start a new yellow dog series  based on a rug I made earlier this month. As important as routine is to the discipline of creativity I have learned that adaptability is equally important. As we go through stages in our life our needs, desires and abilities change and you just have to roll with it.

I am reading lots . One good book this month was Anne Leary’s The Good House. I picked it up in Charlottetown. I also really liked Stephanie Domet’s book Falsy Downsies.

The Mystery Patttern Club is now going into it’s third month and I find that keeping you inspired is keeping me inspired. As a special thanks to the members we’ll be drawing this month for one of Roberta Hancock’s Silver Pendants.

So that’s it for me. Thanks for reading and all your support of the studio. I am so happy to be here for you. Call if you need something. Our number is 1-800-328-7756.


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6 thoughts on “the beach path is finished

  1. love reading your diary… your rug is great!!!my favorite colors….enjoying the mystery pattern club, deanne… starting the owl this has been good to get a new pattern each month,, especially this winter… it never ends….saw your hit and miss rug on your website a few days ago now cant find it??
    elaine allerton


  2. I love the motion and depth of color in your new rug Deanne. It reminds me of walking at low tide and looking into the shallow pools -beauty!!!


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