Maritime Mary: A Seed is a Promise

A seed is a promise of new life, of the approach of spring, of tender shoots poking through the earth, of flowers to please the eye, of vegetables to nourish the body. A seed is a promise.

Three weeks ago I began my quest for spring by planting geranium seeds and placing them under grow lights in my basement. They require an early start so they’ll bloom in the warmth of summer. I enjoy my daily visits to check on the growth but I am particularly satisfied as I watch the familiar leaf of the geranium take shape.

According to my plant count in the tray, I’ll have an abundance of red geraniums in my yard this summer.





2 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: A Seed is a Promise

  1. that’s funny, I too have a full tray of baby geranium. What happen is that my potted geraniums went to seed last summer and those seeds started to grow over the winter (I always bring a plant or two indoor). I just transplanted them all on Sunday. It never happened before and I was thrilled. I just love looking at them so little and full of promise.


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