Maritime Mary: Talking About the Weather

I know that Maritimers do this but is it as common elsewhere? We spend a lot of time talking about the weather.

When walking down the street or meeting someone in the grocery aisle, you might say ‘Hi’ but more often than not, it will be, ‘Nice day!’, ‘Kind of warm!’, ‘Cold isn’t it?’, or ‘What a wind!’ That’s right, all these exchanges are pretty well equal to a greeting of ‘Hello’.

Why is it that we use the weather as a go-to subject? Yes, our days vary greatly. They do say that if you don’t like the weather in Nova Scotia, wait half an hour and it will change. Thankfully, this is mostly an exaggeration but we are a bit obsessed about the topic. Perhaps it is because of the extremes we experience, from a bone chilling ‘feel like’ -25 to a sultry July 30+ degrees.

From experience I have learned that those who live in warmer climates do not share this conversation vice with us.

So for now, on this cold and sunny day, with people talking about an impending snowstorm, after March has ‘come in like a lamb’, I am just going to say, ‘What a great day!’






4 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: Talking About the Weather

  1. Ah…in Colorado we say “wait 15 minutes and it will change”…it’s all beautiful, anyway…and we’ve been lucky to have a bit of a mix with sun and snow here…we also fancy fireplace fires…do love our cool Springs and warm Summers, ‘though…


  2. Embrace the day and what it brings.

    Living in Ontario means we experience weather to the extremes – at times. Like
    yesterday I was able to enjoy the back deck at a friends house – and today we have a winter storm warning.
    From “sun tan” to “wind chill” – all in a span of 10 to 12 hours.
    But that’s Canada eh?

    Like you Maritime Mary – I enjoy to get out on the snowshoes or x-country skis. But I also enjoy an early taste of what’s to come – a warm spot on a comfortable porch, sipping tea and hooking with a friend. Mmmm, how sweet it was.

    I remember a number of years ago when we had an incredible ice storm. You could not get out even if you tried.
    That morning, I ran to the basement and gathered up 4 pairs of ice skates. My two young daughters, hubby and myself hit the ice thick road and skated up and down seemingly as if we were in our right minds. Even the neighbours recall seeing us “fools” out enjoying something that might only happen once in a lifetime!
    My daughters, 31 and 28 years old now, still remember that day with fondness – plus, when looking back on the pictures – we think now – “how crazy we must have looked” – all the while building childhood memories that do last a lifetime.

    Seize the day – you never know what lies ahead around the corner.

    In the meantime though – think “spring” 🙂

    Life is good!


    Even as we speak, the snow is coming down, the wind is whipping up – that means one thing. I get a day to “hunker” down and hook. See what I mean. Yahoo! LOL


  3. So let’s talk. I, for one, am sick of winter! Ready for the lovely, lovely spring green (my favorite color). Ready for grass and tulips and forsythia. BEYOND READY. And, yes, I live where there are 4 seasons, one of them (winter) seemingly hogging the calendar – 5 or 6 months of the year, depending on how you look at it. People in San Diego or LA only talk about the weather when it’s bad. Did you hear all the complaints about the rain on the Oscars recently? Woo. A bad day. No, two bad days. Poor them. 😉 LOL…


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